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Scent is with us from the day we are born. With every breath we take in we experience different smells that are around us.

We are endlessly searching for new methods of marketing and improvements in relationships between firms and clients.

» About the company

About the company

Company Hanna Maria Therapy s.r.o.

Company Hanna Maria Therapy s.r.o. was established in Czech Republic in 2008. Experiences of co-owners are based on many years of business activities in the field of development of fragrances, aroma marketing and aromatherapy.

Business activities are carried out in various parts of the world from Europe to Asia and South America. This company came into existence based on the requirements of the market in Central Europe and is a coordinator of development companies in France and Switzerland.

Company Hanna Maria Therapy s.r.o. organizes products based on many years of experience and can adapt to suit a wide public clientele or to the specific requirements of the individual client. Knowledge and experience are used in the application of suitable scent into spaces. The company´s mixtures are used by prestigious firms and banks, and they are part of cultural events, for example during Czech-Austrian Beneficial Galaconcert in Prague, Smetana hall in Obecní dům.

Company works closely with company TOMEXO - Hana Tomášková that produces energy aromatherapy called Hana Maria which is known for its quality and unique approach to therapeutic aromatherapy.

We will be happy to assist you and suggest an ideal solution for your needs in the field of aroma marketing.


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